Warranty, Exchanges and Returns


You can trust! Lackto is a brand that values 100% of its experience. There are more than 300,000 customers who have shopped with us.

The exchange policy of the Lackto online store is in accordance with the Consumer Defense code, which guarantees the possibility of withdrawing from the purchase within a period of up to 07 (seven) days, counted from the receipt of your order, and exchanges due to defects manufacturing within the warranty period of 90 (ninety) days from receipt.


To request the exchange or return of your product is very simple and fast! Forward an email to contacto@lackto.com

We ask that you provide your order number and let us know what you would like us to do.


If you have received your product with any divergence, such as open packaging, damaged, missing product or in disagreement with what was purchased, notify us immediately via email contacto@lackto.com. Provide us your order number and photos of what happened. If applicable, we will resend the product to you at no cost.


Less than 2% of jewelry fails the first time. So don’t worry, it's super simple.

But if something goes wrong and your breastmilk jewelry doesn't look beautiful, contact us by email contacto@lackto.com and our team will be happy to assist you. After analysis by our team, we will understand what happened and, based on this result, here are some possibilities for solving your problem:

       1) If you have followed the step by step correctly: in this case, an error may have occurred with our product. If this is found, we will send you the necessary items for you to remake your jewel for free, all costs paid by Lackto.

       2) In case you didn't follow the step by step correctly: if it's your first time, we'll send you the necessary items to redo your jewelry for free. Your cost will be shipping only.

We suggest that you film and take pictures of the moments when you are making your jewelry. Besides being something really cool to have on record and to share, in case of any problem it will be much easier for us to understand what happened and, with that, solve your problem in the least bureaucratic way possible.


For payments made with a Credit Card: the reversal on the credit card will be displayed in up to two invoices after completing the return, depending on the expiration date of the card; This is something Lackto has no interference with. It's the standard for credit cards.

Payment by bank slip: the refund will be made to the order holder's current account within 10 business days after the return is completed. If the order holder does not have a bank account, we will make a Payment Order, as the refund will not be made to a third party account.

After 2 months, the order value -5% will be refunded and a fee of 5 euros will be charged.